SPD Auditor - Medina

Medina , Ohio
Sterile Processing Auditor 
Cleveland, OH

Sterile Processing Technician/Auditor Responsibilities 
  • Conduct quality assurance audits within Sterile Processing Department (SPD) areas to ensure adherence to established procedures and standards.
  • Perform post-case audits of case carts to verify the proper breakdown procedures are followed, including checking for gross bioburden, appropriate application of enzymatic spray, and condition of instruments.
  • Audit trays post-washer to ensure they meet the required bioburden levels and that instruments are in proper condition and functional.
Sterile Processing Technician/Auditor Requirements
  • Knowledge of sterile processing procedures and standards.
  • Attention to detail and ability to identify non-compliance with bioburden levels and instrument conditions.
  • Familiarity with the use and application of enzymatic sprays and other cleaning agents.
  • Ability to assess the functional condition of medical instruments.
  • Strong observational and reporting skills.



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