Fabric Care Panel Lead

Cincinnati, Ohio
Panel Lead
Cincinnati, OH

Hunter International is currently seeking a Sensory Panel Lead to join their team in the Cincinnati area. The Panel Lead will be joining a multinational consumer goods organization responsible for Lab Operation, Scheduling and for running Sensory Panel.

Panel Lead Responsibilities
  • Ensures there are adequate supplies for the sensory panelists to properly do their tasks. Tells supervisor or sensory personnel of needed items or supplies (such as cleaning products, testing supplies, etc.) before they run out, or needed maintenance or repairs of the sensory labs.
  • In the case of repairs or issues with sensory labs, works with building employees to resolve.
  • In the case of the employee panel, the panel leader may also take on all roles of the panel assistant.
  • Schedules the day-to-day work to be done by the panelists
  • Interacts with  sensory personnel or project members to understand their requirements and puts them on the schedule. 
  • Works with the supervisor to ensure sensory panelists are initially trained and qualified on test methods and evaluation methods.
  • Receives and reviews tests requests to ensure completeness and accuracy prior to placement of the test. Works with sensory personnel and/or project teams to answer any questions and ensure proper test design.
  • Reports out routine results of sensory evaluations to the test requestor within 48 hours of test completion.
  • Ensures samples are prepared and ready for evaluation by the sensory panelists.
  • Establishes the right order or sequencing of presentation of samples
  • Can assign blinding codes to test samples to ensure panelist objectivity.
  • Supplies copies of methodology and scorecards or ballots to sensory panelists.
  • Programs systems based on standard methods.  For new or non-standard methods, sensory personnel will do initial programming and show how to program future studies.
  • Ensures sensory panelists follow -provided test methods or evaluation methods. 
  • Ensures the entry of data by panelists into computer systems or paper ballots. Checks paper ballots and computer system to see if there is a need to re-enter data or enter data for edits or corrections, or enter panelist comments, if needed.
  • Reports study results into any needed systems, such as Siemens.
  • Schedules time and participates in panel debriefs (after evaluations are finished) when such debriefs are requested.
  • Keeps track of attendance and working time spent by sensory panelists. Submits time sheets to panel supervisor.
  • Ensures panelists follow the company and standards, including safety, quality, and dress code. Enforces disciplinary actions as necessary.
  • Ensures panelists are up to date on their training records and badges, and immediately informs the supervisor or badge office of badge cancellations when a panelist leaves the company.
  • Works with supervisor to schedule regular recalibration and requalification studies to ensure panelists are continuously calibrated.
  • Maintains a record (e.g. Excel spreadsheet) of studies including date, requestor, study number, type (training/claim/exploratory), and basic context. 
  • Takes action for minor disputes regarding panelists or escalates to supervisor if needed.
  • Attends monthly panel leader meetings to share best practices
  • Cross-trains in basic operational responsibilities of other panel leaders to cover in the case in emergency.
  • Tracks issues with submissions or studies as they arise. Notifies P&G sensory personnel when this occurs.

Panel Lead Qualifications
  • At least 3 years of experience as a panelist, panel lead, etc.
  • Strong knowledge of panel operations
  • High school diploma or GED required. Bachelors degree is preferred.
  • Strong experience in various computer systems including Siemens and Microsoft Office
  • Strong attention to detail, communication and leadership skills are required.
  • Management experience is required.



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