The Great Reshuffle is Reshaping The Way we Hire

We are in the Great Reshuffle. A record number of career changes, early retirements, and self-employed jobs have followed the Great Resignation. The labor market is becoming increasingly scarce. Job seekers are beginning to rethink their career paths, and for some, this has lead to leaving the workforce entirely. It is up to employers to provide the skill training and resources necessary to keep employees engaged.

1. Internal Mobility Programs Will Keep Current Employees

According to LinkedIn, employees at companies with high internal mobility rates stay almost 2x longer than those who don’t. Additionally, employees who are rewarded with new roles internally are 3.5x more likely to promote the company to others.  In 2022, we will see more internal programs created to better serve employees.

Companies are going to experience a shift in expectations from job seekers. Employees are no longer viewing a job as a means to serve their employers. Rather, they are viewing their jobs as a means to serve them. To retain current employees, companies must adapt to the new expectations of their employees.

2. Employers Need a Balance of Internal and External Talent

As companies hire more from within, they will need to fill the roles their employees leave. Around 70% of managers don’t want to let go of quality talent. This is a huge blocker to internal mobility.

About 56% of internal recruiters say that there are not enough qualified internal candidates. To make matters worse, 38% say it makes it increasingly difficult to diversify the workforce when they focus on internal mobility.

This is where recruiting companies come in.

3. Ways Hunter Solves These Problems

Hunter is a full service workforce solutions company that focuses on quality over quantity for each job fill. For over 16 years, we have trained ourselves in finding top-talent candidates. Our robust internal database makes finding those candidates easy. Hunter recruiters find high quality candidates, which means managers don’t need to worry about unqualified new hires.

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We have done the research and identified the most efficient way to hire top candidates. As a result, we hire faster without compromising quality. Our internal database shows that our scientific and engineering candidates have a 95% retention rate.

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As a 100% women owned and WEBNC certified company, our team understands the importance of diversity. Seeking new ways to create opportunities for women in the workforce is in our DNA. If your company is looking to diversify its workforce, we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Companies that work with Hunter spend more time and resources on what truly matters; retaining current employees.  

Final Thoughts

Employees care about what they get out of the work they do. We are in a job market where companies are struggling to fill positions. What’s the solution?

To retain top talent individuals, companies need to focus on serving current employees the best they can. As far as filling the positions that internal employees leave open, or are too skilled for, companies should seriously consider utilizing a recruitment firm specialized in the jobs they need filled.


In this analysis, internal mobility is defined as a change in job title within a company.


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