Staffing Agency in Cleveland

Whether your staffing a short-term role or a long-term project, we have knowledge of the current job market and hiring environment to meet your hiring goals. Work with a staffing agency in Cleveland that puts quality first. 

Access a Wide Talent Pool

We work with hundreds of job seekers daily in Cleveland. This allows Hunter's local staffing team to find a quality match fast.

Expertise in Recruitment

With the largest temp agency practice in Ohio, our team of experts have the skills, knowledge and experience to screen candidates, conduct interviews and assess skills effectively.

Payroll and Compliance

As an Employment agency, Hunter International manages the employee experience including onboarding, benefits, payroll, compliance and safety.

Hire Now.

Call us toll-free: 888-344-2943

With the right staffing agency services everything is possible.

With decades of experience we uncover and connect with talent others cannot. As an award winning staffing agency we are dedicated to delivering quality today, so that you can plan for a stronger organization tomorrow.

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