Whether you are actively job hunting or knee deep in the hiring process with a potential employer, you may have some questions about what to communicate to your recruiter. We asked our team of recruitment professionals to give their insight regarding the candidate-recruiter relationship. Consider this advice to get the most out of your job search.

1. Recruiters Can Get Your Resume in Front of Hiring Managers

  • “When applying directly to companies, your resume can often get lost in the shuffle. Through a recruiter, you are able to streamline that process and get your application noticed by hiring teams much easier.”

2. Communication Will Help You Both Stay on The Same Page

  • “Keep in touch! Let us know how your job search is going. Send over any updates you have on yourself or the hiring process.”

3. Recruiters Are Great Connections to Have

  • “The majority of recruiters are in this business because they enjoy working with others and getting to know people. We are natural networkers – reach out! You never know where a conversation with a recruiter can lead you!”

4. Help Recruiters Help You

  • “I would recommend that job seekers be honest about what is leading their job search. Recruiters are just as concerned about finding the right match as a candidate is. Knowing what they are looking for can only help ensure that we match them with the ideal job!”

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