Permanent Opportunities

Hunter International Recruiting specializes in matching talented professionals with the permanent job opportunities they are seeking. Our team of experienced recruiters understands the unique skills and qualifications required in various industries and works closely with trusted employers to connect job seekers with exciting permanent, direct-hire positions. Start your journey today and explore our currently available positions.  

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Benefits of Permanent Job Seeking Solutions

When you choose Hunter International for your job search, you gain access to a range of benefits that make the process seamless and rewarding. Our direct-hire job seeking solutions are designed to enhance your overall experience and connect you with the top employers in your preferred field.


With our permanent job-seeking solutions, you’ll experience the following benefits: 

Expert Recruiters

Our dedicated team of talented recruiters uses their in-depth industry knowledge to ensure that your qualifications are matched with the right permanent job opportunities.  

Top Employers

As a trusted staffing partner of leading employers across a variety of industries, we provide you with exclusive access to a network of top companies actively seeking permanent talent for long-term career growth. 

Excellent Open Positions

Our extensive database features a wide range of excellent open permanent, direct-hire positions. From entry-level roles to senior executive positions, we have a diverse selection of opportunities tailored to different skill sets and experience levels.  

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Bespoke Job-Seeking Solutions

We prioritize your needs and aspirations throughout the job-seeking process by taking the following steps:


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