Talent Matters

Five years ago, Hunter launched an initiative to transform the way companies think and feel about talent. After all, each company’s health is vitally dependent on a strong and consistent pipeline of talent. At Hunter, we believe talent is health.


We challenge hiring teams to link the strength of your last hire to the health of your team. In turn, the strongest teams attract the strongest hires and deliver the greatest value to the organization…

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Each new hire, regardless of level or bandwidth, has the ability to change the health of a team in a positive way. You often hear about the impact (financial and cultural) of one bad hire. Hunter’s Talent is Health initiative tangibly delivered to our business partners the impact of one excellent hire.

"What I love about Hunter International is the blend of personable and professional. I can always get my recruiter on the phone or any department such as HR. The onboarding process was simplified and their monthly newsletter keeps you up to date on important information and also shares staff and CEO stories. The culture of the company where I work is outstanding which is what I consider a top priority."

Franki K., Analytical Associate

"My experience with Hunter International was excellent. Hunter gave me an opportunity to kickstart and grow my career and they were nothing but supportive and helpful. My recruiter got me an interview within a day and she really did a lot of legwork and helped get me into the position I wanted. And that hard work never stopped. Everyone I spoke with or worked with really put in a lot of hard work and really cared. I am very thankful for Hunter International and the opportunity it gave me."

Mitch R., Material Analyst

"Hunter was very helpful in describing the role I was going to interview for, helped me prep for it, and provided feedback along the way."

Jessica N., VP of Network Development

"Working with Hunter International has been a great experience from day one. They are always informative and willing to help with any issues. Everyone I’ve personally worked with has been very professional and friendly."

Patrick D., Senior Field Research Assistant

"Working with Hunter made my job search fast and efficient! I was able to find exactly the job I wanted, and I couldn't be happier!"

Amber P., Assistant Controller