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Discover high-level creative and digital positions with industry leaders across an array of thriving sectors

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Our direct-hire placements resonate with your skills and professional aspirations so you can enjoy a stable and rewarding career in the dynamic realms of creativity and digital innovation. 

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Forge new skills, enhance your industry knowledge, and expand your professional network through engaging short-term opportunities or project-based assignments. 

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Discover the perfect work-life harmony with remote and flexible creative and digital jobs, tailored to your unique preferences.

Explore Current Creative & Digital Positions

Hunter International opens doors to the industry’s most coveted creative and digital roles, providing you with thrilling opportunities perfectly aligned with your expertise and goals. Take the next steps in your career—explore this sample of our currently available positions below:

Digital Marketing Specialist

Job Overview: Responsible for developing and implementing digital marketing strategies across various digital channels to enhance brand visibility, engage target audiences, drive online traffic, and increase conversions. 


Basic Responsibilities:


Graphic Designer

Job Overview: Visually communicate ideas and messages through compelling designs, illustrations and images for various digital and print mediums.


Basic Responsibilities:


Communications Manager

Job Overview: Manages both internal and external communication channels to enhance the organization’s image and messaging.


Basic Responsibilities:


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