Manufacturing Staffing Solutions

Innovative Solutions for Manufacturing Staffing

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Hunter International Recruiting leverages our industry expertise and a diverse network of qualified candidates to provide staffing solutions for a variety of high-level manufacturing roles.

Direct Hire

Save time and resources by trusting our team to find and secure top manufacturing talent for your permanent positions. 

Temporary Staffing

Benefit from immediate support for your company’s staffing needs with interim manufacturing talent. 


Assess your candidate’s capabilities and adaptability to your professional culture before making a permanent decision.

Manufacturing Professions We Support

Our team specializes in filling available positions in a diverse range of manufacturing specialties, including, but not limited to: 

Operations Manager

Job Overview: Oversees the daily operations of the manufacturing facility by coordinating, planning, and directing all activities to ensure efficient production processes. 


Basic Responsibilities:


Production Supervisor

Job Overview: Oversees and coordinates the production processes in the manufacturing facility. Your role involves managing workflow, ensuring adherence to specifications, and achieving production objectives.


Basic Responsibilities:


Maintenance Technician

Job Overview: Ensures that all machinery and mechanical equipment within the manufacturing facility operates optimally and safely by conducting regular maintenance, troubleshooting issues, and collaborating with the production team to minimize downtime.


Basic Responsibilities:


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