Scientific Staffing Solutions

Life Science Recruiting Solutions

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Tap into our extensive network of highly skilled scientific professionals to meet your new hire. 

Direct Hire

Streamline your hiring process, save money and resources, and hire the best scientific candidates!

Temporary Staffing

Let us match your company with the best candidates for your short-term or project-based scientific support.


Assess a candidate’s fit for an open scientific role – before you extend a permanent offer.

Top Scientific and Life Science Jobs

While Hunter has a wide-range of staffing experience helping clients secure talent for a variety of scientific roles, below are three of the most popular positions we fill:


Job Overview: Conduct research and experiments to gain a better understanding of various organisms and how they interact with our environment. 


Basic Responsibilities:


Lab Technician

Job Overview: Conduct tests and experiments on various materials and substances in a laboratory environment.


Basic Responsibilities:



Job Overview: Conduct research, tests and experiments on various substances to ensure product quality/consistency and/or develop new products.


Basic Responsibilities:


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