Technology Staffing Solutions

Solutions For Your Technology Staffing Needs

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Hunter International Recruiting offers comprehensive temporary and permanent staffing solutions for all of your open technological positions.

Direct Hire

Let our team find and hire qualified technology professionals for permanent placement in your organization.

Temporary Staffing

Maintain productivity and avoid project delays with experienced technological professionals for your temporary staffing needs.


Audition top technological talent before making hiring decisions for a long-term role in your organization.

Top Technological Roles We Support

Hunter International Recruiting specializes in filling currently open technological positions across a wide range of industries. Our team has the expertise and resources to find the right candidate for your company’s specific needs.

Software Engineer

Job Overview: Develops, designs, installs and maintains all software applications to ensure optimal performance and functionality.


Basic Responsibilities:


Cloud Engineer

Job Overview: Designs, implements and maintains cloud-based infrastructure and applications.


Basic Responsibilities:


Database Administrator

Job Overview: Manages, secures and optimizes company databases to ensure that all vital organizational data is secure and all systems operate optimally.


Basic Responsibilities:


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