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Executive Level Roles

Take your science career to the next level and make a lasting impact in your industry.

Permanent Opportunities

Enjoy stability and long-term professional growth with permanent science positions.

Temporary Opportunities

Gain valuable experience, build your skillset and expand your professional network with temporary science roles.

Remote & Flexible Opportunities

Enjoy the freedom to work on your terms with remote, hybrid and flexible work arrangements for science opportunities.

Popular Science Roles Available Now

Hunter offers you access to a wide-range of sought-after science positions with notable companies across a variety of industries. Below is just a sample of the many opportunities currently available:

Research Associate

Job Overview: Conduct research and analyze data under the supervision of a senior researcher with the goal of advancing scientific knowledge and discoveries.  



Basic Responsibilities:



Job Overview: Conducts research and experiments to study the chemical processes and reactions that occur within all living organisms.  


Basic Responsibilities:



Job Overview: Investigate the characteristics, behavior, and interactions of beneficial and harmful microorganisms in various environments.


Basic Responsibilities:


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