Engineering Staffing Solutions

Find Top Engineering Talent That Suit Your Needs

Using our industry knowledge and experience, a diverse network of qualified candidates, and multiple new hire solutions to choose from, Hunter International Recruiting can help you fill your permanent or temporary positions.

Direct Hire

Streamline your hiring process, save money and resources, and hire the best engineering candidates!

Temporary Staffing

Gain the extra support you need for your immediate engineering needs.


Test your candidate’s capability and overall fit before making a hiring decision!

In-Demand Engineering Roles

Our team specializes in filling available positions in a diverse range of engineering specialties, including, but not limited to:

Mechanical Engineer

Job Overview: Research, design, develop, build, and test various mechanical devices and systems for an array of applications across a range of industries. 


Basic Responsibilities:


Electrical Engineer

Job Overview: Research, design, develop, build and test electrical systems and various components. 


Basic Responsibilities:


Process Engineer

Job Overview: Design, develop, implement and optimize manufacturing processes.


Basic Responsibilities:


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