Executive Search for Positions


Conducting an executive search to advance your organization to the next level?  Hunter International Recruiting executive search services apply a wealth of industry experience, extensive candidate evaluation and a comprehensive interview process to identify the most appropriate senior- or executive position  STEM professionals for your available leadership positions.

Benefits of our Executive Position Search Solutions

Whether you’re searching for a new Chief Technology Officer or to fill a vacant Vice President of Research and Development position, we have the expertise to find the right candidate for your company. 


With our executive search services, your company has the following advantages:

A Dedicated Team of Experts

Finding senior or executive talent is vital to the success of your company. Our team of experienced professional recruiters not only has vast knowledge of the STEM industry, they also possess an in-depth understanding of the leadership qualities candidates require to help your company achieve its goals and objectives – and inspire the whole organization.

Top-Tier Executive Talent

We know that your organization’s leadership is the foundation for success. That’s why we’ve built a substantial network of executive candidates with experience across a wide-range of STEM industries. With this extensive network at our disposal, we can quickly identify both active and passive qualified candidates who are open to new opportunities. By leveraging our expansive candidate network, we’ll connect you with candidates who fit the unique needs of your new or open executive positions, and help you hire your next great leader.

Accurate Understanding Of Business Needs

At Hunter International Recruiting, we employ a more collaborative and comprehensive approach to finding your organization’s next great leader:

Exceptional Executive Leaders

Trusting our team to find your new leaders, allows your organization to concentrate on the bigger picture. By gaining insight from your team and utilizing our knowledge, experience and access to top candidates, we find only the best candidates to suit your leadership needs.

Variable Pricing

Hiring for a senior- or executive-level position is a major expense for any organization. Since each of our clients has their own unique needs and budgets, we offer payment options that can be customized to fit your specific parameters. Additionally, your company pays nothing until Hunter finds the perfect fit for your leadership position. 

Fill Your Critical Roles