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At Hunter International, we understand the unique needs of professionals seeking administration and clerical roles. Discover the right job seeking solution for you. 

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Administrative & Clerical Roles at Every Level

Achieve personal success with administration and clerical positions that range from entry-level to executive-level roles across a variety of cutting-edge industries.

Permanent Opportunities

Build a stable and rewarding career with lasting administration and clerical roles across a variety of popular fields.

Temporary Opportunities

Acquire relevant experience and explore diverse industries through temporary administration and clerical assignments. 

Remote & Flexible Opportunities

Achieve an optimal work-life balance with remote or flexible administration and clerical positions in various professional sectors.

Discover In-Demand Administration & Clerical Roles

Hunter International Recruiting maintains a diverse network of administrative jobs from some of the most esteemed companies. Here are some of the many positions currently available: 

Office Manager

Job Overview: Oversees and coordinates various administrative tasks and operations within the office to maintain an organized and efficient work environment. 


Basic Responsibilities:


Executive Assistant

Job Overview: Provides extensive support to senior-level managers.


Basic Responsibilities:


Billing Specialist

Job Overview: Ensures accurate and timely billing processes by managing all aspects of the billing cycle, including invoicing, payment processing and resolving discrepancies.


Basic Responsibilities:


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