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Who We Are

We share a passion for the power of connection. We recruit, mentor and coach talent at various levels. We are life-long learners in our quest to master the recruiting industry and deliver incredible value to our partners. Meet a few of the many faces of Hunter’s growing team.

President & CEO

Gabrielle Christman

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Christman

Controller (Head of Human Resources)

Shelley MacDonald

Payroll & Onboarding Specialist

Shannon Brayton

Accounting Specialist

Howie Lawrence

Human Resources Assistant

Kaitlin Barner

Accounting Assistant

Rachel Rice

Manager of Business Development

Derek Landries

Communications Specialist

Nicole Lucas

Senior Account Manager

Georgianna Rhoda

Senior Account Manager

Dan Moran

Account Manager

Kathy Cali

Account Manager

Katie Puhalla

Account Manager

Paige Pezzato

Recruiter II

Ryan Overton

Recruiter II

Kate Wisniewski

Recruiter II

Jody Fiala

Recruiter II

Cody Bukszar

Recruiter I

Lindsay Jindra

Recruiter I

Jane Uecker

Recruiter I

Chloe Zifcak

Recruiter I

Nate Shoemaker

Recruiter I

Karl Stemen

Recruiter I

Carla Bellino

Recruiter I

Kailey Adcock

Accounting Intern

Malia Hamad

Recruiting Intern

Kyle Wisniewski

Human Resources Intern

Grace Hutchinson

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