Mathematics Staffing Solutions

Mathematics Staffing Solutions That Earn High Marks

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Whether you need a permanent hire or temporary staffing, Hunter International Recruiting has the expertise, resources and services to find the right fit for your mathematics vacancies.

Direct Hire

Enjoy access to our untapped database of highly qualified analytical mathematics professionals available for direct placement.

Temporary Staffing

Accommodate your short-term staffing needs with skilled and experienced finance/accounting, analytics, data, and mathematics professionals available on a temporary basis.


Evaluate mathematics talent to ensure they meet your professional and cultural needs before you extend an offer.

Top Mathematics Roles We Fill

We pride ourselves in providing staffing solutions for a variety of mathematics professions, including: 


Job Overview: Manages the company’s financial records, tracks business expenses, and ensures full compliance with all industry, local, state, and federal accounting and financial regulations. 


Basic Responsibilities:


Business Analyst

Job Overview: Analyzes data to identify favorable/problematic patterns and trends and provide actionable insights to help stimulate growth.  


Basic Responsibilities:


Data Scientist

Job Overview: Analyzes raw data through a combination of computing, statistics and mathematics.


Basic Responsibilities:


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