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US Corporate Headquarters

Hunter International, Inc.
38100 Colorado Avenue
Avon, Ohio 44011

24/7 Safety Line

In the event of a work related injury, call Hunter’s dedicated safety line immediately: (440) 389.0023 x 142

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Current Employees

How do I make changes to my insurance?

Open enrollment for health insurance begins in June. During this time, you can make changes to your medical, dental and vision plans such as adding, changing or cancelling coverage. These changes will become effective July 1.

Please be advised that you cannot make any changes to your health insurance in the middle of a benefit year, including cancelling your benefits, unless you experience a qualifying life event. (Click here to see a list of qualifying events: Healthcare.gov Qualifying Life Events)

Any additional questions about insurance benefits may be sent to HR@hirecruiting.com

How do I change or update my banking information for direct deposit?

Any changes in banking information will require a voided check or direct deposit statement from your bank that includes a routing and account number.

You can submit any changes to your direct deposit to HR@hirecruiting.com

How do I update my personal information such as my address or phone number?

You can update your personal information on your account at www.paylocity.com or on the Paylocity mobile app.

You may also submit any personal information changes to HR@hirecruiting.com

How can I get a copy of my paystub or W-2?

You can view your paystubs and W-2s at www.paylocity.com or by logging in with the mobile app.

Upon employment, Hunter employees are instructed to create an account in Paylocity. If you did not do this, you will need to register yourself as a new user and pick your own username and password.

How often do I get paid?

Hunter International pays bi-weekly, every other Friday. A pay schedule will be emailed to you during your first week of employment.

Is there information and/or guidance for Hunter employees as it relates to COVID-19 safety?

Yes, please click here for COVID-19 safety information and guidance.

Job Seekers

Is it free to work with Hunter International?

Yes. Hunter International’s services are free to job seekers.

How can Hunter International help me find a job?

Since 2006, Hunter International has successfully placed over 20,000 candidates in STEM-related fields. The best way to get your information directly into the hands of our recruitment team is to submit your resume on our website.

I’ve submitted my resume, what happens next?

If your skills and experience match the needs of our clients, our recruitment team will reach out to you about any relevant positions. If you are not contacted immediately after your submission, your resume will remain in our database and our recruitment team may reach out to you in the future as other positions become available.

Does Hunter International offer benefits?

Yes. We offer medical, dental and vision insurance.

Does Hunter International continue to support me after I start my job?

Yes. We are committed to supporting you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to our recruitment or HR teams. Once the onboarding process begins, we encourage you to stay in contact with us and utilize the Paylocity app to access news and payroll information.

What happens when I finish my contract assignment?

Frequently, our contract employees will be converted over to a permanent position with our client. If the contract ends without this opportunity, our recruitment team will work with you to place you in a new assignment.