Statement of Work (SOW) Solutions

Managing multiple projects is a time-consuming process that requires all of your attention and resources. Unfortunately, it also prevents your company from completely concentrating on the most complex of these projects.


With our statement of work services, your company can transfer operational ownership of select projects to Hunter International Recruiting to gain the support it needs to focus on the bigger picture projects.

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Benefits of Statement of Work Services

Hunter International Recruiting’s statement of work solutions provide your organization with full visibility into project-specific deliverables, costs and timelines for the services performed. This allows your company to focus on its core business objectives while our experts manage the rest of the project.   


With our statement of work services, your company enjoys the following benefits:

Expert Project Management

With our comprehensive project management services, our experts will follow every step of the defined project scope to meet the necessary requirements and ensure that all deliverables are received on the established timelines.

Flexible Support

Rather than take a “one service suits all” approach to every project, Hunter International Recruiting can easily tailor our statement of work services to provide the unique support your organization needs.

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Top Talent For Your Projects

As Hunter International Recruiting specializes in acquiring top talent for our clients, your project is managed by a team of qualified and vetted individuals selected from our extensive network of professionals.

Reduced Project Costs

By choosing our statement of work solutions, your company only pays for the specific services it requires. This gives your organization greater control over project expenses and allows for maximum ROI. 

An Uncomplicated Process


To establish a seamless transfer of project ownership and management to our team, Hunter International Recruiting’s statement of work services operate under the following process: 

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