Temporary Staffing Solutions

If your organization needs extra staffing to complete a major project, provide coverages or assume responsibility for a seasonal workload, our temporary employee services are the answer.
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Benefits Of Temporary Staffing Services

Temporary placement opportunities are only available for a limited time. However, that doesn’t mean finding qualified candidates to fill those roles requires a limited amount of effort. At Hunter International Recruiting, we provide holistic solutions for temporary staffing across a wide range of STEM industries to fit your organization’s needs.

A Dedicated Recruitment Team

Our experienced recruiters bring the same level of expertise and industry knowledge that they provide to permanent hiring responsibilities and apply them to your company’s temporary staffing needs. They understand the importance of identifying and hiring the right candidate to meet your organization’s unique needs and work tirelessly to fill each temporary position with a successful placement.

Uncomplicated Processes

Finding temporary staffing is often just as complicated for businesses as permanent hires. We believe in making the temporary staffing process as simple and straightforward as possible for your company. From the initial consultation with your team, to temporary placement, we efficiently and effectively manage all aspects of the temporary hiring process, including candidate sourcing and screening, interviews, onboarding, and various administrative tasks. By taking care of both the major and minor details, our services allow you and your team to focus on daily operations.

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Deep Insight

The key to successfully filling temporary positions is to gain a deep understanding of your company’s specific needs. With a more personalized approach to staffing solutions, our experts  discern the exact job requirements of each temporary role along with your company’s culture and core values. This information guides our search for the best possible temporary staffing solutions for your organization.

Top Temporary Talent

Through our years of experience in the recruitment industry and our innovative sourcing strategies, we attract and retain an extensive network of active and passive STEM professionals. Our rigorous and comprehensive screening and selection process ensures that we only place the most qualified and skilled temporary staff. These candidates will not only be proficient in the respective job requirements, but also will fit seamlessly into your organization.

Customized Costs

Since every business has its own unique budgetary needs, our pricing reflects that fact. At Hunter International Recruiting, we offer flexible pricing for our temporary staffing services that suit your company’s specific needs. Plus, our pricing options are transparent and free from hidden fees.

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