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Engineering Job Seeking Solutions for Your Success

At Hunter International Recruiting, we understand that every engineering professional has unique career goals. That’s why we offer a range of engineering job seeking solutions to match your needs.

A senior engineer assists an engineering technician at a workspace filled with electrical equipment

Executive Level Roles

Enter the next phase in your professional journey with executive-level engineering positions with top-tier organizations in a variety of industries. 

Permanent Opportunities

Enjoy stability and long-term growth with permanent opportunities aligned with your professional goals. 

Temporary Opportunities

Enjoy versatility, gain valuable experience and expand your skill set with temporary engineering roles and short-term projects. 

Remote & Flexible Opportunities

Create your perfect work-life balance with remote, hybrid and other flexible work arrangements with companies looking for engineering talent. 

Discover In-Demand Engineering Roles

Hunter International connects you with the most sought-after engineering positions in various industries. Below are just a few of the many open positions available: 

Electrical Engineer

Job Overview: Research, design, develop, build and test electrical systems and various components. 


Basic Responsibilities:


Engineering Technician

Job Overview: Assists with research, updating records, reporting and other various tasks assigned by engineers. 


Basic Responsibilities:


Automation Engineer

Job Overview: Designs, develops, implements, and optimizes automation systems and processes to enhance operational efficiency and productivity. 


Basic Responsibilities:


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