Find Talent That Goes Beyond STEM

Staffing Solutions That Go Beyond STEM

In addition to our expertise in recruiting the top STEM talent, Hunter International Recruiting also provides an array of hiring services for your company’s non-STEM roles.


From permanent to short-term solutions, we have what it takes to find the right candidates.

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Direct Hire

Let our team find the perfect fit for your company culture and requirements. 


Evaluate a candidate’s skills and fit before you extend a permanent offer.

Temporary Staffing

Flexible interim solutions for your immediate support needs.

Executive Search

Find strength-based leadership solutions for your organization’s professional senior- or executive-level positions.

Popular Non-STEM Positions

Our team can fill your professional roles with the top talent in their respective fields. Here are three of the most popular “Beyond STEM” positions we currently fill: 


Job Overview: Manages a company’s finances and accounting operations. 


Basic Responsibilities:


Digital Marketing Manager

Job Overview:  Develop, implement, manage and maintain the company’s digital marketing strategies and initiatives to increase brand awareness, client engagement and revenue.


Basic Responsibilities:

Supply Chain Analyst

Job Overview: Analyzes and optimizes the company’s supply chain process to ensure it meets the demands of its clients. 

Basic Responsibilities: