A Recruiter Looks at Your Resume for Less than 10 Seconds – How to Make the Most of It!

A recent study from The Ladders shows that most recruiters look at resumes for about six seconds. Although this doesn’t seem like much time at all, it makes sense; recruiters view thousands of resumes a day and we need to find the strongest candidates as quickly as possible. So how can you make sure that your resume is one of the best we see?

Follow these five tips to make your resume stand out:

  1. Make your resume fit the job. Emphasize relevant work experiences, skills and awards that show you are the best candidate for the position.
  2. Include a header with your name, contact info, and the title of your current (or future!) position.
  3. Keep your font and design clean, clear and professional. Recruiters and HR professionals will be drawn to a simple layout that they don’t have to search through to find – and possibly miss – your accomplishments.
  4. Make your resume digitally friendly. After you post your resume to a careerboard, review it to make sure the information still looks clean and professional. Test your URL often to ensure that missing or broken links are not stopping recruiters from viewing your resume. Add a hyperlink to a social media profile if it further enhances your work history.
  5. And finally – proofread, proofread, proofread!