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Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, OH

Hunter International is currently seeking a Sensory Panelist to join their team in the Cincinnati area. The Panelist will be joining a multinational consumer goods organization working as a trained evaluator to provide objective feedback on various products or items.

Panelist Responsibilities
  • A sensory panelist is a trained evaluator who will use any or all of the five senses to provide objective feedback on the products or items being evaluated. 
  • A sensory panelist can provide feedback that can be quantitative (for example, on an agreed-upon numeric scale) or qualitative (descriptive or what is being perceived) – and normally provided on a paper ballot or entered into a computer system, or in discussions where sensory panelists are asked to come to a consensus. 
  • Occasionally, sensory personnel or project team members can ask sensory panelists to provide additional feedback via debrief sessions at the end of the sensory panelists’ evaluations.
  • Trained sensory panelists may be asked by sensory personnel to help in new method development (such as describing or identifying new attributes, benchmarks or anchors, among others) or suggest/improve test methods or evaluation methods.
  • Come in on time and work the agreed hours of the panel.  Follow the company rules on safety, quality, and conduct.
  • Follow the protocol for the evaluations consistently.
  • Keep the information, data, products, and methods used in the sensory panel in confidence.
  • Panelists cannot participate in consumer research that involves household care products.
  • Panelists may be asked to occasionally help panel assistant or other project needs in study setup or other small tasks as time allows.  This could include but not restricted to labeling, sample prep, clean up, disposal.
  • Panelists may be occasionally asked for their opinion on samples/concepts.
  • Panelists must also adhere to company guidelines regarding attendance, conduct, and other items not covered here.

Panelist Qualifications
  • High school diploma or GED required.
  • Sensory panelists will be trained on their work via sensory personnel for new attributes or panel leaders or supervisor for existing attributes. The supervisor will decide when panelists are considered to be initially qualified as a trained evaluator on a specific sensory attribute or method.
  • On an ongoing basis, to ensure consistency and accuracy, panelists will go through recalibration and validation/revalidation with the panel leader or supervisor.
  • Attention to detail, strong communication skills, and analytical skills will be required in this role.
  • Employees must be comfortable working on a part time basis


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