Contract positions are employment opportunities that last for a fixed amount of time. They might seem straight-forward, but these types of positions will vary based on the employer as well as the kind of role. Our team of experts offer their insight and answer some common questions about contract positions.

What are the benefits of a contract position?

Jay Jakovina, Recruiter II

“The ability to gain the experience in an area you may not have been familiar with previously. The experience you gain from positions like that can really help boost your resume for future openings.”

Gabrielle Christman, President & Founder

“These positions allow you to get experience with an excellent organization. At times our candidates overlook the potential of the valuable experience the position presents. More often than not, it is a full time offer from that organization that would have never been possible without starting as a contractor!”

Zachary Tomsick, Recruiter II

“Overtime pay is the most overlooked benefit of a long term contract. Consider putting in more effort to a job and being compensated 150% for any hours worked 40 hours/week. That money adds up! ”

What happens after I complete my contract?

Georgianna Rhoda, Senior Account Manager

“On a daily basis we see either extensions of assignments, candidates getting converted over to permanent employment, or moving into another contract position. If the contract does end without future opportunities we will work with our team to find another opportunity for you.”

Can I be considered for other opportunities while under contract?

Michael Parker, Recruiter

“Many employers allow contract employees to apply for internal positions. Most companies who utilize contractors most likely fill a significant percentage of their direct employment opportunities with previous contract employees.”

Dan Moran, Senior Account Manager

“Yes, you are not bound to the contract. However, it always looks good to complete the contract in full before moving on to your next position.”

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