FAQs: The Benefits of Working With a Recruiter

FAQs: The Benefits of Working With a Recruiter

Here at Hunter International, we live and breathe recruiting – we are passionate about connecting people with career opportunities and finding the best talent to fill a company’s hiring needs. The staffing industry is a crowded market: there are over 25,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the US. Despite this large and growing industry, most job seekers have never worked with a recruiter before and are unsure about the process. We have amassed some frequently asked questions to help job seekers better understand what recruiters do and how they can support your career growth.   

Working With a Recruiter 

What does a recruiter do?  

Recruiters find, screen, and attract the best-fit candidates for our clients’ open positions. Recruiters work with candidates holistically throughout the application and selection process, by supporting candidates as they initially consider the position, recommending candidates to the hiring teams, organizing interviews, and helping candidates to understand the job offer and benefits package. A recruiter will help you fully understand the job expectations and company culture, so that you can shine in your interview and make a well-informed decision if offered the job.  

Will a recruiter help me get a job? 

If your educational and professional background is well suited for a position, a recruiter will reach out to you and share the job requirements. If you are interested in the role, the recruiter will guide you through the application process and may shortlist, or recommend, you to the hiring team. 

What is the cost of working with a recruiter? 

There is no cost for a job seeker to work with a recruiter. Companies or organizations pay recruiting firms to help them fill their open roles with best-fit candidates.  

What is a recruiting firm? Is a recruiting firm different than a staffing firm? Hiring firm? 

Recruiting, staffing, and hiring are interchangeable words which describe the same process and services. Recruiting, staffing, and hiring firms find, screen, and attract candidates for open positions.  

What is the purpose of a staffing agency? 

Staffing or recruiting agencies assist companies and organizations in filling open positions.  

What is the benefit of working with a recruiter? 

Recruiters are on the pulse of job openings and hiring trends and know the hiring needs of specific companies and teams. If a recruiter thinks that you are a strong candidate for an open position, they may recommend you to the hiring committee, and are also able to provide insight into the team and company culture.  

How does the hiring process work with a recruiter? 

Recruiters do not make hiring decisions but assist companies and organizations in finding highly qualified candidates for their open positions. Recruiters can shortlist, or recommend, specific candidates to the hiring team, but ultimately the hiring decision is made by the company.  


Working With Hunter 

How is Hunter International Recruiting different than other staffing firms? 

Hunter is a STEM-focused recruiting firm. We specialize in filling scientific and technical roles at manufacturing, chemical, engineering, aerospace, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and work with some of the largest and most impactful companies nationally. We are deeply motivated to bring more diversity and equity to STEM industries and are proud to be a women founded, owned, and lead organization.   

Can I work with Hunter if I am not a scientist or engineer?  

Yes. STEM is our focus, but we also regularly fill roles within financial, legal, human resources, marketing, and executive leadership functions. Check out our job board to see if we have open roles that match your expertise. 


We hope that this helps you have a better sense of the services recruiting firms provide. If you are looking for a new job and hope to get connected to a recruiter, please submit your resume here. If we have a perfect job for you, we will be in touch! 

Have unanswered questions? Please contact us and we would be happy to help.