It’s important to know what to include in your resume but is it just as important to know what to leave out? Hunter International recruiters read dozens of resumes each day and abide by the below list of no-no’s:

The word “resume”. Putting this at the top of the page is not only unnecessary but takes up precious space. The same applies to the line “References available upon request,” which is generally understood.

References. Don’t add these to the resume (or cover letter) itself. List them on a separate page and keep it until references are requested.

A photo. You want to be hired for your mind, experience and accomplishments.

Age, etc. Don’t list strictly personal information that is not related to the job, such as age, height, weight, marital status, or health.

Your GPA? At some point, usually five years after graduation, leave off your college accomplishments and your GPA, even if it was a 4.0.

Salary Needs. Avoid including salary needs unless the advertisement you’re responding to specifically asks for them. In that case, include them in the cover letter. Your resume is never the place to broach the subject of salary. The Etiquette Advantage in Business by Peggy and Peter Post