Personal Branding: How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Experience

Personal Branding: How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Experience 

In a world with rapid technological advancements, personal branding is a crucial part of building your online presence. Personal branding is something that anyone can do, whether you are trying to maximize your visibility on LinkedIn for a job search, or an industry expert trying to make a bigger presence on the networking platform. You can think of personal branding as your digital reputation. Personal branding can seem like a complex topic, but there are a few key areas that will make the process seem more manageable. This article will cover three main topics to help you build your personal brand: your profile, your engagement, and your audience.   

Building Your LinkedIn Profile 

The first area to start when adding a personal brand to your LinkedIn is your profile. Your profile houses all the information that needs to be known about who you are, your experience, and your career interests. It’s important to sort out all the information that will be put on your LinkedIn profile. The upper half of the profile consists of a profile picture, a banner, your location, a headline, and an about section. The bottom half of your profile consists of your activity, experience, education, licenses and certifications, skills, and recommendations. Although it is important to have all areas of your profile filled out, there are a few important areas to concentrate on.  

Customizing Your Profile URL 

When you have a profile on LinkedIn, a URL link is assigned to you that is a combination of your name and numbers that serve as an identifier to your unique page. Customizing your profile URL on LinkedIn is a small, yet significant step in building your personal brand. By customizing your URL to include your name or a relevant keyword, you not only make your profile easier to find but also convey a sense of professionalism and attention to detail.  

Using Keywords in Your Headline 

Your headline is often the first thing people see when they come across your profile, and it serves as a concise summary of your professional identity. Incorporating relevant keywords into your headline on LinkedIn is essential when building your personal brand. You should use keywords that highlight your skills and expertise, words associated with the industry you want to work in, and who you are trying to reach (a hiring manager, a future employer, etc.). It is also important to keep in mind that when you use keywords in your headline, it makes it easier for recruiters to find you through search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. 

Creating an About Summary 

The “about” section of your profile is a short summary of your work experience and skillsets. This section should reflect your career journey, accomplishments, and passion for what you do. This section not only shows your expertise but also is an introduction to your personality. This area should convey that you are both relatable and approachable. This summary sets the tone of your personal brand and what you can bring to the table. Just like with your headline, it is important to link in keywords to help you become more visible to recruiters and potential employers as well.   

Updating Your Profile Picture  

Having a professional photo on your profile can help your online personal brand. In fact, a LinkedIn study shows that having a profile picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others. Your profile picture is one of the first things being seen when someone views your profile, so it is important to make a good first impression. Your profile picture should be an up-to-date photo that is high-quality and professional-looking. Refrain from using a photo that dates itself, such as a graduation photo. It is also a best practice to avoid utilizing photos that include other individuals such as group photos.   

Customizing Your LinkedIn Banner 

There is often an overlooked space at the top of all LinkedIn profiles: the banner. Customizing your banner on LinkedIn is vital in building your personal brand. It is important for you to create a banner or to select an image or design that aligns with not only your personal brand, but the industry you are in as well. Your banner can showcase your work, highlight your skills and area of expertise, or show something that resonates within the industry you are in. This space is often an overlooked and underutilized opportunity that professionals can take advantage of, so having an updated image or graphic will help you stand out amongst others.  

Building Your LinkedIn Engagement 

Engagement on LinkedIn is important to your success on the networking platform. Having a polished profile is important, but what’s arguably more important is using that profile to actively participate in conversations, share valuable insights, and build a network. By engaging with other users’ content and sharing your own, you can increase your visibility to future employers and industry leaders. It is a good idea to try to be consistent with your engagement efforts. Active and consistent engagement can expand your overall reach across LinkedIn. 

Creating and Sharing Useful Content  

Creating and sharing useful content on LinkedIn is another key factor in building your personal brand. When you share insights and knowledge through articles, posts, and updates, you make yourself credible in your field. By creating content that addresses industry struggles and successes as well as posts that provide advice, you not only engage your network, but also build onto your personal brand.  

Interacting and Engaging with Others 

At its core, LinkedIn is a social networking platform. When you like, comment on, or share others’ posts, you demonstrate your interest in their ideas and contributions, while also expanding your own reach. Interacting with users online showcases your ability to collaborate with others and show expertise in your field, but also positions you as helpful and approachable, which all ties back to your personal brand.  

Building Your LinkedIn Audience 

Whether you’re looking for a new job, seeking clients, or aiming to establish yourself in an industry, having a strong audience increases your visibility and reach. A bigger and more diverse network can lead you to more opportunities. As you engage with your network and share content, you not only enhance your personal brand but also create an engaged community that can open doors to other industry professionals and opportunities. 

Accepting Connection Requests 

Accepting connections on LinkedIn goes hand-in-hand with building your personal brand. It is important to think of LinkedIn as a networking platform rather than social media. When you accept a request and you interact with that person, you are then exposed to their whole network. Connecting with others helps you build onto your connections and build an even bigger network, which can open the door for potential job opportunities. 

Asking for Endorsements and Recommendations 

One of the easiest ways to build a better personal brand on LinkedIn is to ask for endorsements and recommendations. This may seem like a small factor, but it is something that can greatly enhance your personal brand. You want to ask someone to write a recommendation who has experience working for you or can attest to your skillset. Recommendations appear on LinkedIn profiles for others to see, so when you have endorsements and recommendations, it adds to your credibility and builds your personal brand.  


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