Questions to Ask in an Interview

Questions to Ask in an Interview 

“Do you have any questions?” This is a question that almost every candidate hears at the end of an interview and can sometimes be the difference between landing the job and not moving on in the interview process.  

The job search process can be a stressful time for anyone applying, between trying to organize the job search process to building a perfect resume, candidates can feel overwhelmed when they walk into an interview. Many times, candidates focus on the questions that they are going to be asked during the interview and forget the importance of coming prepared with questions to ask the interviewer.  

Asking questions not only allows for the candidate to showcase the research they have conducted about the company, but it also shows the interviewer their genuine interest in the position and industry. Outlined below are some types and examples of questions to ask in an interview.  

Questions About the Position 

Understanding the ins and outs of the position being interviewed for is vital to the success of any candidate. Asking questions about the role is an important step not only to show the interviewer a candidate’s interest in the role but also allows the candidate the opportunity to clear up any questions they may have about the role and responsibilities. Here are some questions a candidate can ask about the position they are interviewing for: 

  • What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this position? 
  • What does a successful person in this position look like? 
  • What challenges does someone in this position face? 
  • How does this position contribute to the overall success of the company? 
  • How is performance measured in this position? 

Questions About the Company 

It is important for a candidate to familiarize themselves with the company prior to the initial interview. Candidates should research online items such as the company’s website, its LinkedIn profile and company news. After researching, the candidate should consider if there are any questions, they must gain a better understanding of the organization overall. Candidates should use this time to show the interviewer that they have researched the company and are familiar with the general business practices. Candidates could start the questions by using phrases such as, “When I was researching your company, I noticed ____” or “I saw that your company ____” and then state the question. Here are some questions a candidate can ask about the company they are interviewing for:  

  • What are the most important values you hold as a company? 
  • What are the biggest goals you have for your company? 
  • What changes or innovations is your company most excited for? 
  • How does the company define and measure success? 
  • What are some industry challenges your company is currently facing? 

Questions About the Company Culture 

According to a study conducted by Jobvite, 46% of job seekers cite company culture as very important when choosing to apply to a company. Understanding a company’s culture can help a candidate determine if a company aligns with what they are looking for in an organization. It will also provide valuable insight into the company’s values, work environment and the employees that work there. These factors may play into the candidate’s thoughts about if the company is right for them. Here are some question a candidate can ask about the culture at the company they are interviewing for:  

  • How would you describe your company culture? 
  • What are some company events you have? 
  • How would you describe the office environment?  
  • What are the team dynamics like at your company? 
  • How would you describe the style of management at your company? 

Questions About the Interviewer 

When a candidate inquires about the interviewer’s experience with the company, it shows that the candidate has a genuine interest in the company’s employee dynamics. Many times, the people interviewing candidates have been with the organization long enough to have a deep understanding of the company’s workflow and culture. Asking questions to the interviewer can provide the candidate with a better understanding to insights into the company’s values, leadership style and growth opportunities that may not have been covered in the interview. Here are some questions a candidate can ask the person conducting their interview: 

  • How long have you been with the company? 
  • What do you enjoy most about working here? 
  • What elements of the company culture do you like best? 
  • What do you wish you had known before you joined the company? 
  • What has allowed you to be successful here? 

Questions About the Next Steps 

It is important for candidates to ask about the next steps in the interview process to have a clearer understanding of the timeline and what to expect. Questions about the next steps showcase the candidate’s proactive approach and interest in the role. Understanding the hiring process will also allow the candidate to tailor their follow-up actions. When asking these questions, it is important for the candidate to avoid coming across like they have already landed the role. Candidates should steer clear of questions pertaining to their performance in the interview or making any assumptions to be getting the job. Here are some questions a candidate can ask about the next steps after an interview: 

  • What is the timeline for the hiring process? 
  • How will candidates be notified about the decision? 
  • Who is the best point of contact if I have any questions regarding this position? 
  • Where can I find more information about the company and team? 
  • What does the training process for this position look like? 


Candidates should always be prepared with questions for the company when going into an interview. As the interview is being conducted, additional questions may arise. Asking thoughtful questions not only shows a candidate’s understanding of a company and industry, but also can make them stand out amongst other candidates in the interview process.  


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