How to Re-Engage Your Talent Network

How to Re-Engage Your Talent Network


One of the most valuable assets for employers is their talent network. A talent network is most often a database of candidates that have engaged with an organization or shown interest in working for them in the past. This network is essential for employers to establish and build over time, as it enables them to have an exclusive pool of talent that is already engaged with their employer brand.

However, merely having a talent network isn’t enough, it is important to keep that network engaged with your brand over time. Below are five ways to engage and build your talent network!

1. Regularly Communicate Useful Content

The first place to start with engaging your talent network is communication. You’ll want to consider when you are communicating to your network, as well as how you are communicating and what you are communicating. While the frequency of messages is important, the content of the messages is also essential to provide candidates with valuable, useful content. Some examples of useful content could be a monthly newsletter, announcements of upcoming networking opportunities, relevant job openings, training/development opportunities, among others. These messages can be sent via email, SMS, online groups, or other methods to reach people where they are. Establishing a solid communication plan is critical to engaging your talent network.

2. Build Your Employer Brand

An employer brand is an essential part of an organization’s talent strategy. It helps create understanding and credibility with candidates. Effective employer branding also has been shown to help with brand recognition and awareness, lower recruitment costs and increase retention and referrals. But where do you start to build an employer brand? Consider adding dedicated pages on your organization’s website that detail your company’s benefits and work culture to provide potential employees with an idea of what it is like to work at your organization. Incorporate photos of your team and internal employee initiatives on your company’s social media accounts. Small changes such as these can give viewers a look inside your organization and provide them with an idea of what it is like to be an employee at your company.

3. Offer Networking Events

Hosting networking events – in person and online – that are promoted to your talent network, can be extremely beneficial in engaging potential future employees. These opportunities can get your human resources and recruitment teams in front of your network. This can be useful in helping them establish relationships with candidates that may be a good fit for the company in the future. Consider hosting webinars, mixers or hiring events that are sent out to your talent network and you may be surprised by the turnout!

4. Create a Solid Employee Referral Program

Employee referral programs are a great way to build and engage your talent network. Effective referral programs have been shown to lower recruiting costs, improve employee satisfaction and lead to better retention rates. But, how do you establish a well-designed program? Some aspects of an effective employee referral program include creating a seamless process, offering incentives, incorporating employee recognition, among others. Overall, establishing a clear process and demonstrating the benefit to employees can help increase referral rates and bolster your talent network.

5. Diversify Your Hiring Channels

Your human resources department or recruitment team likely has their preferred sourcing and job posting channels for finding talent. While it is great to know which tools are the best for filling your positions, it is important to consider other options. For example, consider posting your job opening on a niche platform that is targeted to the position. By casting a wide net to different platforms and tools, you can bring fresh, relevant candidates into your talent network. Lastly, consider working with a hiring partner such as a staffing and recruitment firm. These companies have access to large talent pools and a number of different hiring technologies that allow them to source and find the best talent for your organization.

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