Five Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Recruiting

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Recruiting

Whether you are working in an agency or corporate environment, a career in recruiting can be exciting and fulfilling. From managing relationships, to finding a needle in the haystack, every day in recruiting is different from the next. Read on for five reasons why a career in recruiting may be right for you.

1. The Capacity to Change Lives

Recruiters have the unique position to present untapped job opportunities to both active and passive job seekers. Additionally, they can give unbiased feedback, uncover hidden skills and coach candidates through the hiring process, ultimately giving them a better chance of landing the job. Whether the candidate successfully enters the position or not, the recruiter can help  the candidate gain interviewing experience and gather feedback on items for improvement in their next interview.

2. The Potential to Make an Impact

Recruiting is at the heart of any organization and has a significant impact on the business’s bottom line. That is why at Hunter, we believe “Talent is Health”. This initiative describes how your business is only has healthy as the talent you are bringing in. As a recruiter, you have the opportunity to transform an organization’s success from the inside, out. By bringing in high-impact, innovative and diverse candidates, you can see your work contributing to the business in a unique and fulfilling way.

3. The Power to Compete

Every day, recruiters are challenged to find the best and brightest talent for their roles. Often, they are competing against other firms or companies to engage the successful candidate and also present the best offer to the job seeker. This competition is exciting, as there is always a clear winner. However, if you happen to fall short, there will be plenty of other opportunities to bounce back and make the successful hire.

4. The Opportunity to Build Your Network

By nature of their job, recruiters have the ability to speak to hundreds of talented professionals every week. In this profession, you often build connections with candidates, as you have to gain a deep understanding of their experiences and background. As you help guide individuals through weeks of the hiring process, you frequently get to know them more closely, and form connections that can be of value in the future.

5. The Ability to Grow Your Skillset

As a recruiter, you have to understand the functions and nuances of the business in a different way. As you work with various teams, you will gain insights into their daily tasks and overall goals to understand the various open positions. Additionally, as you navigate the hiring process between managers and candidates, you are also building your teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills. It is safe to say that with a career in recruiting, you will never stop learning.


There are many more reasons why a career in recruiting is exciting and fulfilling.  Submit your resume today to learn more about recruiting careers at Hunter!