Four Ways to Show Your Team That You’re Thankful For Them

Four Ways to Show Your Team That You’re Thankful For Them


With the holidays quickly approaching, it is a great time of year to give thanks to your coworkers. However, data shows that making employee recognition a focus all year long can increase employee engagement and satisfaction levels. According to a 2020 Energage survey of 1.7 million employees, appreciation was the top driver of employee engagement. So, what are some ways you can express gratitude to your employees? Read our suggestions below!

1. Establish an Awards Structure

A great way to recognize the achievement of employees is by setting up a formal awards structure. Not only does this set up a timeline for recognition, it also gives employees the opportunity to work towards specific honors. Whether you have the awards be performance-based or related to tenure, having recognition opportunities for your team allows you to acknowledge their accomplishments and exhibit employee gratitude.

2. Set Up Ongoing Check-Ins

Setting up informal check-ins with your team, beyond your formal performance reviews, allows you to provide real-time feedback and appreciation for your employees. By setting up these check-ins on a schedule, you can recognize the small achievements of your coworkers that may be overlooked in year-end reviews. These meetings also are a great time to bring up the formal awards that we previously mentioned, and let your employee know their progress towards them.

3. Ask For Employee Input

An excellent way to show employees that they are valued is to include them on decisions, both big and small. What might they like to see implemented to improve employee morale? Do they have any ideas for a company outing? Consider whether upcoming may be a good occasion to survey your team. Not only does asking your employees for their opinion help them feel valued, it also gives you new ideas and perspective.

4. Incorporate Gratitude Into Your Workweek

While setting up meetings and awards structures in advance can help you stay on track with employee recognition, making a conscious effort to incorporate gratitude into your workweek can help your employees feel appreciated. Think about ways that you can recognize your team’s little wins. Whether you bring up these items during a weekly meeting or just make an extra effort to say ‘thank you’ to your team members, these small efforts can make a big difference to your employees.


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