From the way you present your experience on your resume, to the handshake at the end of the interview, it is important to stay focused throughout each stage of the job search process. A team of Hunter’s expert recruiters offer their knowledge regarding the stages leading up to an offer letter.

Paige Pezzato, Talent Acquisition Specialist
First impressions are important. I believe the way you present yourself on the resume, during the phone screen and throughout the interview process are all keys to success within the hiring process. If you applied for the job, be excited about the opportunity when discussing it or interviewing for the role. Seeing someone’s passion and desire to succeed in the role they are interviewing for is something that stands out to hiring managers and recruiters.

I also think being honest and upfront about what you are looking for is extremely important. Often times people say they are interested in a job but do not express their concerns until after the offer is extended or accepted. If you are upfront about things such as salary, work schedule and what you are looking for in a role, it will be easier to make sure the role is the right fit for you.

Jay Jakovina, Talent Acquisition Specialist
The most important part of a job search is your resume. Your resume will be the first impression to recruiters and hiring manager, so it is perfect time to pitch yourself as the right candidate! In resumes, I look for tailored explanations of previous job responsibilities. It is all about selling your experience, but not overwhelming the hiring manager with information.

Gabrielle Christman, President and Founder
I think that the phone screen is extremely important. To me, it sets the tone of the interview experience. I always remember what a candidate was like on our first phone call. I have placed individuals that have now become hiring managers who trust the selection of their internal teams to Hunter. We laugh and remember the first time we talked during that initial phone screen. Looking back, those initial phone calls are very telling. They lay the foundation of the rapport that builds after on-site interviews, hires and performance evaluations through a candidate’s career progression.

Mike Parker, Talent Acquisition Specialist
I think the phone screen is the most important. A good phone screen determines the interest in both the recruiter and the candidate. A focused phone screen will make or break the relationship with the candidate.

Zach Tomsick, Talent Acquisition Specialist
Each step is important for its own reason. The resume is the most important first step because without a professional resume, you will not be noticed for a phone screen. The phone screen is the most important second step, because this is necessary for an interview. The interview is the most important third step because without interviewing for a job, there is no job. All parts of the job search are equally important. You should care about all of these steps, as they all are essential in the hiring process.

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