Your job interview is really your opportunity to shine and “toot your own horn” so to speak. Your interview is a chance to highlight all the skills and qualifications that make you the best candidates for the opening. Easy, right? Not always. It is important to close the interview. Leave the hiring team without a reason that you aren’t the right candidate for the job. You can do this by closing the job interview following a few simple steps:

First, check for any gaps in your candidacy by asking the hiring team: “Is there any reason I would not be qualified for the job?” or “Is there any experience you think I may be lacking?”

This allows you to listen to any barriers / gaps that the hiring team may foresee in your experience or ability while you are there and in the room. It gives you the golden opportunity to combat their questions head on so that no assumptions will be made by the hiring team regarding your competencies. Start by saying that you understand the concern (if there is one) and then turn it into a positive by giving the team a better understanding and better yet an example from a previous work experience. For more tips on how to succeed in your interview visit our Job Seeker’s Resource Center.

Next, close the interview. You have to ask for the job. The job market is tough and with the state of our current economy employers want you to WANT THEIR JOB! Many candidates are not comfortable with this, which is understandable. Try a soft close instead of a harsh approach. Simply say “Thank you for taking the time to discuss your current opening with me today. I am excited about the possibility of joining your team and look forward to the challenges to be met.” For a more aggressive approach try: “I am confident that I would excel and add value in this position because _______ (fill in the blank). Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the opening.

Take a deep breath and practice a few times before the interview, be sure to make eye contact and stay positive. You will get this job.