In the ever changing job market, landing a phone interview is often the first step in your path to finding a new job. With the limitations of time and communication acing a phone interview can pose a challenge. Here are some tips to help you navigate through your first step in the interview process.

Be prepared. Research the company, their current projects, locations and possibly other current openings that you may qualify for as well.

Put your best foot forward. Your interview is your chance to shine. This is not the time to be short or humble. Your goals should be to let the interviewer know that you are qualified, that you have delivered results in previous positions and that you are able to communicate effectively. Being short and humble will not help you reach any of these goals.

Listen and be thoughtful. When asked a question that puts you on your toes it is better to reflect rather than talk just to talk. Taking a few seconds to process the question and the direction you want to steer your answer will pay out in the long run. The interviewer will not pick up on the few seconds of silence and you will be able to give a more composed and focused response.

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