You are passionate about your work, you have great hours and sound management, you made bonus and you can’t say enough great things about your team. So you assume there is no need to spend time looking for a job. I get it – and kudos to you! You’re a Rock Star, a Top Performer, but you’re also who everybody else wants to hire!

But – what if you miss knowing that your dream job is out there — maybe even right around the corner? Maybe tunnel vision is working against you.

The Hunter Database currently holds over 870,000 resumes of passive job seekers. A passive job seeker is someone not actively looking for a job because they are content and busy exceeding expectations!

At Hunter, our job is to be on the hunt for you so you don’t have to look. As a result, over 870,000 Top Performers and Industry Leaders search with Hunter and no one else – because they understand our unwavering commitment to quality and compliance. They understand the science behind what we do and the accuracy with which we perform that work.

Once you submit your resume to Hunter, we will analyze your resume and listen to your accomplishments and your goals. Then we wait until we have an opportunity that we think you should know about it. We will only contact you when the role is right; that means, the compensation package, the drive time and the culture will make sense for you to consider.

With Hunter, you can stay focused on your work and leave the hunt in the hands of our expert team.