Four Quick Tips for Texting With Recruiters

Four Quick Tips for Texting With Recruiters

As an increasing number of adults use their smartphone as their primary means of communication, texting between job seekers and recruiters is becoming commonplace. According to Pew Research Center, nearly 85% of Americans own a smartphone and 15% of them use their smartphone as primary access to the internet.  

Read on for four tips to guide your next text conversation with a potential employer and to help you get the most out of your career search 

1. Keep it Professional, But it Doesn’t Need to be Too Formal 

Similar to email communication, the way you represent yourself in texting with a recruiter indicates your professionalism and interest in the role. 

If you are sending misspelled words, improper sentences and constantly using slang or abbreviations, this could paint a poor image of your work ethic and professionalism.   

While you should be conscious of your grammar and delivery, it is not necessary to write a professional email every time you text your recruiter. The recruiter likely understands that this type of communication is more casual, so formality and complex language may not be necessary.   

2. Respond in a Timely Manner  

Responding quickly and being on top of messages can speed up your interview process dramatically. If you are taking too long to respond to messages and not putting forth your best effort, you may be overlooked and the candidates with a faster response time may be prioritized. 

An appropriate response time to your recruiter should be within two hours of when the message gets sent to you.  

If you are working a schedule outside the typical nine to five, communicate your availability with your recruiter so they know the times you can connect. Try your best to respond when you are able, without interfering with your current schedule, and they will likely accommodate.  

3. Keep it Simple and Sweet 

While it is helpful to utilize texting to keep in touch with your company contact, it is best to keep messages shorter and save any long conversations for discussions over the phone. Additionally, texting can be more informal than email and should be to the point. For example, if a recruiter asks what time you will be available for an interview, simply typing your availability is sufficient.  

Being direct allows for efficiency in the applying and hiring process and provides less room for confusion and overlooked details. 

Recruiters often manage multiple job openings and candidates simultaneously, and lengthy texts may slow down their process.  

4. Inform Your Recruiter   

Texting is a fast medium of communication, it makes it easy to keep your recruiter up to date on how the hiring process is going. In a matter of minutes, you can notify them of interview updates, let them know if your interests have changed, and get quick questions answered throughout the process.  

If you are working with a recruiter and change your mind about the position, it is best to be honest and tell them right away. This can save time for both you and the recruiter 


Communication can be overwhelming, but by following these tips you could find yourself having seamless conversations and be on the path to landing your dream job. 


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